It’s no secret—the rest of the world looks at how peculiar American culture can be and wonders if it’s even real.


‘Cause let’s face it—even if it looks fine for us, that doesn’t mean that having police patrol your school, paying for a ride to the hospital, and calling the toilet “restroom” when we all know very well there ain't nobody going there to have a rest shouldn’t raise a brow for others.


So this time, we are looking at what American things make our fellow non-American friends scratch their heads in simple, yet very spot-on questions below. Our dear American Pandas are also welcome to help separate what’s real, what’s rumors, and what only happens in movies in the comments! And after you're done with this post, check out our previous one with things Americans do that require an explanation for non-Americans.

所以這一次,我們來看看美國存在哪些東西讓我們的非美國朋友撓頭,下面列出了一些簡單而又非常準確的問題。 歡迎我們親愛的美國熊貓網站的網友在評論中幫鑒定一下那些是真的,哪些是謠言,哪些只能發生在電影里! 當你看完這篇文章后,看看我們之前的另一篇文章,《需要向非美國人解釋的美國人所做的事》。